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intermediate Level - Strategies for Success


The primary focus of the Intermediate Level of Strategies for Success is capacity building. This level is designed for independent arts organizations or arts programs within social service, community and non-arts organizations interested in developing professionally staffed arts programs with active boards of directors. Grantees may need administrative and programmatic stabilization. In the past, areas of assistance have included support for staff, specialized staff training, long-range planning, and creating programmatic initiatives. The intent of the funded staff position is to assist the organization in developing professional staff who are committed to the growth of the organization. The PCA awards up to $7,500 for implementation or augmentation of up to two staff positions, up to $2,500 for programming, and up to $2,500 for consultant funds for a maximum total of $12,500. Applications are accepted annually for a maximum of 4 years.


The applicant must have:
•  A federal I.D. Number and pending 501(c)(3) status
•  A formal board of directors with committee structure and regular meetings
•  A formal bookkeeping system, regular office hours and accessible place of business
•  Evidence of successful fund raising
•  Demonstrated consistent community and audience support
•  Annual programming that is an artistically significant and effective presentation of cultural activities;
•  Three consecutive years of operation
•  At least one staff position with 20 hours per week.

Funding Restrictions

In general, the PCA does not fund the following:
•  Capital expenditures, including equipment costing $500 or more per item
•  Activities for which post-secondary academic credit is given
•  Activities that have already been completed
•  Activities that have a religious purpose
•  Performances and exhibitions not available to the general public
•  Performances and exhibitions outside Pennsylvania
•  Cash prizes and awards
•  Benefit activities
•  Hospitality expenses, i.e., receptions, parties, gallery openings
•  Lobbyists’ payments
•  Competitions.

Advisory Panel Review Process

Advisory panels convene every year to review applications and to make recommendations to the Council for support. The advisory panel will apply the following weighted criteria to an applicant’s past and current performance to determine a recommended award amount.

Application Review criteria

Quality of Artistic Product/Process/Service - 35 points
Access to the Arts - 35 points
Management - 30 points

How to Apply

Step 1:  Required online application process
You must apply to the PCA on-line through eGRANT.
Step 2:  Data Collection (financial and statistical) summary
The PACDP form specifically for Preserving Diverse Cultures (PDC) collects information such as income and expenses, investments, loans, physical capacity, attendance, program activity and staff numbers. This is a separate PACDP form to complete and the PDC Report must be printed to be mailed with the printed eGRANT.
Step 3:  Print, sign, and mail
The completed application must be submitted online, printed, signed by the necessary members of your organizations and combined with the printed PACDP form that is for the Preserving Diverse Cultures Program.
Mail the completed application to the following address:
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts
Preserving Diverse Cultures Division
Room 216, Finance Building
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120