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Preserving Diverse Cultures Division (PDC)

The Preserving Diverse Cultures (PDC) Division supports the development of organizations whose mission is deeply rooted in and reflective of the African American, Latino, Asian, Asian American, Native American and Hispanic (ALANAH) perspectives. PDC applicants' programs, perspectives and staff are representative of these communities. The PDC Division seeks to foster organizational stability, expansion of the arts and cultural programming in ALANAH communities; focus on the development of ALANAH organizations; and to support the training of capable administrators of ALANAH organizations.


2017-18 PDC Guidelines and Application (PDF)

PCA Financial & Statistical (F&S) Report (PDF)

PDC Consultant Program Report (PDF)

Appeals Process

PCA General Provisions (PDF)

PCA Terms and Conditions (PDF)


PDC programs

Strategies for Success Program

The Strategies for Success Program addresses organizational development for ALANAH organizations through Implementation Awards, Technical Assistance, Long-Term Consultation, and Individual Development workshops and conferences. Participation in the program is based on three levels of development:

Community-Based Engagement Projects

Community-Based Engagement Project Support Grants are designed to engage the ALNAH communities in the development and implementation of community-based arts and culture projects. Community projects may include, but are not limited to: exhibitions, performances, artist-in-community residencies, and murals.

Technical Assistance & Professional Development

Organizational Short-Term Professional Development and Consultation (PD&C), Professional Development, and Consultation awards of up to $2,000 non-matching funds are available to ALANAH organizations that may be ineligible to participate in the Strategies for Success Program. 

Professional Development for the Individual Artist

This program offers individual artists up to $200 to attend conferences and other professional development opportunities. In the past, artists have received funds to cover conference fees, non-credit career advancement, and promotional materials.  

The PDC Division’s Organizational Development Conference

This conference supports the professional development of administrators and provides educational workshops.

Contact Us

For additional information on the PDC Division or its programs, please contact Program Director Dana Payne at 717-525-5544 or via email.