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  Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA)Program Stream

Matching Requirements                                         Restrictions                                        Crediting Requirements  

: The PPA Program Stream is a funding opportunity of the Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA), a regionalized funding program of the PCA. The Program Stream offers ongoing support to arts organizations and arts programs with an established history of PCA support. Applicants are permitted to submit one (1) application per year to Program Stream. Applicants for PPA Program Stream funding may not also apply for PPA Project funding or the PCA’s Arts Organizations and Arts Programs (AOAP) Track, or Entry Track for the same time period.  

Activity Period: September 1 - August 31. All funded activities must take place during this time period.              

Eligibility: Organizations that do not meet the eligibility requirements of the AOAP or Entry Tracks may be eligible for application to the PPA Program Stream. Generally, an organization is eligible to apply if at the time of application the arts organization or program meets the following requirements:
  • Organizations must be notified by the PCA or a PPA Partner that they have met the eligibility requirements and have been invited to apply to the PPA Program Stream.  The PCA has final authority in determining eligibility for the Program Stream. 
  • Organizations must be nonprofit, tax-exempt corporations, a unit of government or school district providing arts programming and/or arts services in Pennsylvania.  A Federal Identification Number, assigned by the Internal Revenue Service, is required before a contract can be issued. 
  • Organizations must be incorporated in and conduct business in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in order to apply for support.  Organizations are required to provide proof of incorporation and activity in Pennsylvania before applications are reviewed or funds awarded. 
  • Unincorporated groups must apply to the PPA Program Stream through a non-profit organization that acts as a fiscal sponsor.  The fiscal sponsor is legally responsible for the administration of the contract, including all reporting requirements and may charge a fee for its services.  Applicants applying through a fiscal sponsor organization must meet the same requirements as other applicants except for nonprofit status.  The fiscal sponsor, as well as the applicant organization, is responsible or any award.  The fiscal sponsor receives the award check directly from the designated PPA Partner and is responsible for ensuring the completion of the final reports. 
Organizations or individuals who do not meet the eligibility criteria for Entry Track or PPA Program Stream, may be eligible for PPA Project Stream funding. Contact your local PPA partner organization for additional information and application assistance.
  • All grants MUST be matched on a dollar for dollar basis in cash.  For example, if an applicant is awarded $1,000 from PPA, the award must be matched with $1,000.
  • In-Kind goods and services may no be used to match PCA funds.
  • PPA Program Stream funds cannot be used to match other PCA funds, such as Accessibility to the Arts in PA for Individuals with Disabilities, Arts in Education, Local Government, PennPAT, Preserving Diverse Cultures, or Professional Development and Consulting.
Restrictions: Funds cannot be used to support the following:
  • Capital expenditures, including equipment costing more than $500/item
  • Activities for which academic credit is given
  • Activities that have a religious purpose
  • Performances and exhibitions not available to the general public
  • Performances and exhibitions outside Pennsylvania
  • Cash prizes and awards
  • Benefit activities
  • Hospitality expenses, i.e., receptions, parties, gallery openings
  • Lobbyists' payments
  • Competitions
Crediting Requirements:  See the Acknowledgment and Logo page for information on the Crediting Requirements for PPA grants.