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Request for Proposals (RFP) for Statewide Services for Recovery and Reopening

Profound ripple effects have been created by the pandemic, which are being felt acutely throughout the arts and culture sector. In the interest of accurately identifying and assisting with the sector’s related needs, the PA Council on the Arts seeks an entity to facilitate a series of conversations among diverse stakeholders across Pennsylvania. PCA anticipates that this will be a critical component in developing a plan to successfully support statewide recovery efforts, and in developing relevant services for the field.

Cultivating relationships with cultural and economic thought leaders, local arts agencies, local governments, and national arts service organizations will be a required component of this work. These local, regional, and statewide conversations should gather information through the lens of community needs. Whenever possible this work should also help identify examples of emerging best practices, as well as current themes, issues, and opportunities for change (such as, human resource practices and ongoing conversations and actions focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion).

This RFP was developed to provide these critical statewide services through a one-time grant in the amount of $20,000.  

Deadline to respond: September 1, 2020
For questions regarding this RFP, contact Jamie Dunlap via email or phone (717-525-5542).

RFP Materials

Guidelines for Statewide Services for Recovery and Reopening RFP (PDF)

Application for Statewide Services for Recovery and Reopening RFP (PDF)