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Program Goals

The purpose of the Arts In Education (AIE) Division is to develop and support quality arts education programs in schools and community settings for all Pennsylvanians. Funded programs may be in the form of Artist(s) Residencies in schools and community settings in which the arts are taught as part of basic education. AIE-funded programs foster participation in the creative process. AIE programs should have substantial impact, with effects that endure beyond funded activities.

Residencies include substantial periods of time in which the artist works intensively with small groups of students (“core groups”) on one or more long-term projects. During this time, students should exercise creative control over their work. The artist’s role in such work should be that of mentor and facilitator, and technical adviser on necessary skills. During a residency, an artist may conduct workshops or in-class presentations. Schools may request an introductory assembly or a final production. While the AIE Division recognizes value in such events, most of the time of a residency is expected to be in long-term, hands on work with a small number of students.