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Arts OrganizationS and Arts Programs (AOAP TRACK)


Note: You cannot apply directly to AOAP unless you have transitioned from Entry Track or PPA Program Stream. Contact your Program Director if you have questions.

The AOAP track supports QUALIFIED applicants  who provide artistic programming and/or art services in Pennsylvania. The features of AOAP are :

  • Full application every three years, interim application in the off years

  • Application based on past two years' performance

  • Formula funding based on advisory panel review assessment, fiscal size, and past PCA award

Applicant Eligibility

  • Transition from ENTRY Track, PPA Program Stream or Preserving Diverse Cultures

  • Budgets over $200,000

  • Organizations must be nonprofit, tax-exempt corporations; or a unit of government; college or university; school district; or non-arts nonprofit providing arts programming and/or arts services in Pennsylvania. Organizations are required to provide proof of incorporation and activity in Pennsylvania before applications are reviewed or funds awarded.

suggested Organizational Assessment checklist to complete before preparing your grant

This is not part of the application. It is entirely voluntary. Please do not include this with your application.

The checklist was developed from the Challenge Program of the National Endowment for the Arts and has been modified and updated over the years. 

This is a tool for your Board and Staff to use in reviewing all aspects of your organization in what way makes sense to you. In response to each statement on the list, a check mark should be placed next to your assessment:

• Adequate    (Given item is working within the organization)

• Upgrade     (Item needs improvement; revisit later)

• Absent        (Not present in the organization)


When you finish this assessemnt, you will have quickly surveyed your internal environment to determine what is there and what is missing. The information you gather, combined with a list of your strengths and weaknesses is relevant when completing the PCA narrative and financial questions.




AOAP applicants are organized by programs which determines eligibility and program-specific  requirements.

Applicants are further divided into two groups, A and B, which determines whether to submit a FULL or INTERIM application.

Use the chart below to find your AOAP program Group and the appropriate application schedule.


Group A

Art Museums

Arts in Education Organizations

Arts Service Organizations


Folk and Traditional Arts



2016 - 2017

2017 - 2018

2018 - 2019






Group B


Local Arts

Media Arts (formerly Film and Electronic Media)

Music-All Disciplines

Presenting Organizations

Visual Arts

2016 - 2017

2017 - 2018

2018 - 2019





In general, the PCA does not fund the following nor can the match for PCA funds be used for these expenses:

  • Capital expenditures, including equipment costing $500 per item or more

  • Activities for which academic credit is given

  • Activities that have already been completed

  • Activities that have a religious purpose

  • Performances and exhibitions not available to the general public

  • Performances and exhibitions outside Pennsylvania

  • Cash prizes and awards

  • Benefit activities

  • Hospitality expenses, i.e. receptions, parties, gallery openings

  • Lobbyists' payments

  • Competitions

Matching Requirements

Unless otherwise specified, PCA awards must be matched on a dollar-for-dollar basis in cash.

  • In-kind goods and services may not be used to match PCA funds.

  • The PCA generally will support no more than 25% of a program or organizational budget, and usually considerably less.

Attachments for All Applicants, Except Those on an Interim Year

Program-Specific Requirements*

1. Board of Directors with Professional Affiliations*    
2. Most recent/current Treasurer’s Report to the Board of Directors*
This should be the Treasurer’s Report from the most recent board meeting showing your most up-to-date financial status      
3. IRS Determination Letter confirming nonprofit 501© status*   
4. Marketing and Promotional Materials* 
5. Schedule of Activities*
6-9. Program Specific Attachments*
10. Cultural Data Project-Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Funder Report* OR
11. F&S Report If anything is preventing you from completing the CDP*

Panel Review

  • The PCA uses an advisory panel review process to make recommendations for the Council's consideration in making final funding decisions. Membership on advisory panels rotates so applicants should not assume that the panelists have any prior knowledge of the applicant.

  • The information, narrative, financial and attachments provided in the application are the principal sources of information for advisory panel review.  The emphasis in the review process is on the applicant’ s analysis and presentation of narrative and financial data from past activities. The application should be complete and clear so as to maximize the assessment to ensure the advisory panel's abiity to assess the application.

  • Advisory panels apply the following weighted criteria to an applicant’s past performance to

    recommend assessment totals to the Council. (0 is the lowest, and 30 or 35 is highest).

Application Review Criteria

  • Quality of Artistic Product/Process/Service (0 to 35 points)

  • Access to the Arts (0 to 35 points)

  • Management (0 to 30 points





2016-2017 AOAP Application Guidelines (PDF) >



Questions about completing the application form and submitting required support materials, contact your Program Director


STEP 2 REQUIRED on-line application process through eGRANT

Technical, login questions, contact Seth Poppy at (717) 787-6883 or


STEP 3 Data collection (financial & statistical [f&S]) Report

The Financial & Statistical (F&S) Report collects information such as income and expense, investments, loans, physical capacity, attendance, program activity and staff numbers. This is a separate form to complete, either through PACDP or the PCA F&S Report. After completing, upload as an Attachment and print out a copy to be mailed with the printed eGRANT. Use the PCA Financial & Statistical Report if, for any reason, you cannot complete the PACDP.


STEP 4 Submit online and mail copies to PCA

The completed application must be submitted online, printed, signed by the necessary members of your organizations and combined with the printed PACDP form. Mail the application to the PCA postmarked on the due date.


Application Deadline:

January 15, 2016, postmark & eGRANT

2016-2017 AOAP Guidelines >

Log into eGRANT


PCA Financial & Statistical Report >

Grant Award Agreement Deadline
October 20, 2016
Final Report Deadline
October 20, 2016
Grant Period
September 1, 2016 - August 31, 2017
If you have programmatic questions,
contact your Progam Director.
If you have EGRANT questions,
contact Seth Poppy,