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Funding Process

1.) Applications are submitted online to the PCA via eGRANT.

2.) Applications are then reviewed by advisory panels that evaluate and assess each application based on published PCA criteria.

3.) The PCA uses a formula to determine funding for the AOAP track. The formula simultaneously incorporates average fiscal size of organizations, assessment totals, and previous award from PCA.

4.) The Council annually reviews funding options and sets the parameters for the funding formula. Awards are generally approved at the July Council meeting each year.

5.) Those receiving awards will be sent a Grant Award Agreement (GAA). Recipients must login to eGRANT, complete the GAA online & submit; print out copies of the GAA; get appropriate signatures and mail to PCA. 

6.) Once the PCA receives the GAA, the award process begins.


If you have questions about the funding process, contact your program director.