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Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA) Entry to Program Stream 

Entry to Program Stream is a new funding opportunity that aims to provide valuable access to funding for small arts organizations and programs across the commonwealth. 

Entry to Program Stream is the point of entry to ongoing support for arts organizations and programs that have annual revenue less than $200,000.

For more information, contact your regional PPA Partner or Amanda Lovell, at (717) 787-1523 or

Access the 2022-2023 Entry to Program Stream application guidelines here (PDF).

How Entry to Program Stream Works

Entry to Program Stream is available annually, statewide, and administered regionally by PPA Partners. Eligible organizations apply to Entry to Program Stream with the aim of eventually qualifying for Program Stream, which provides ongoing, flexible support at a higher average grant amount. Organizations may qualify for Program Stream after consistently receiving funds through Entry to Program Stream, receiving good panel assessments, and fulfilling grant award requirements. Entry to Program Stream is aligned with the Program Stream application deadline in February and Term of Agreement dates.

Eligible Applicants

  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Units of government
  • Schools
  • Departments of colleges and universities
  • Un-incorporated groups that conduct ongoing arts programming may apply through a fiscal sponsor

Note: Applicants cannot also be applicants in AOAP, PPA Program Stream, or Entry Track.

About the PPA Partners

PPA is a p
artnership between local service organizations and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA). Operating in all 67 Pennsylvania counties, PPA re-grants PCA funds to support a wide variety of local and community arts activities. 

Download or view the PCA's partnership regions map and contact information (PDF)