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Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA) Program Stream

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The PCA works with its PA Partners in the Arts (PPA) to re-grant funds across Pennsylvania. 

Access a full list of the PPA Regional Partners.

PPA Program Stream Description
Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA) Program Stream supports qualified applicants who provide artistic programming and/or arts services in Pennsylvania. PPA is a partnership between local organizations and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA). Operating in all 67 Pennsylvania counties, PPA re-grants PCA funds to support a wide variety of local and community arts activities. 

PPA Program Stream Goals
  • Expanding constituent access to the arts by (a) making arts programs available to communities that may have been underserved in thepast by state arts funding, and (b) supporting a wide variety of arts activities in communities, developed in a variety of local settings. 
  • Encouraging and supporting local decision making in regranting of arts dollars.
  • Increasing awareness of and advocacy for government support and funding for the arts at the local and state levels. 
  • Enabling the PCA to provide increased assistance to its broad constituency throughout the state.


Note: Please see current funding year application guidelines for the most up-to-date eligibilty criteria.

Funding Restrictions
In general, the PCA does not fund the following, nor can the match for PCA funds be used for these expenses:
  • Capital expenditures, including equipment costing $500 per item or more;
  • Activities for which academic credit is given;
  • Activities that have already been completed;
  • Activities that have a religious purpose;
  • Performances and exhibitions not available to the general public;
  • Performances and exhibitions outside Pennsylvania;
  • Cash prizes and awards;
  • Benefit activities;
  • Hospitality expenses -- i.e. receptions, parties, gallery openings;
  • Payments to lobbyists;
  • Competitions.

How to Apply

Select and read the appropriate application guidelines (below) for in-depth directions on applying to PPA Program Stream. Note: All existing Program Stream organizations should use the interim application guidelines; all transitioning organizations should use the full application guidelines.

2020-2021 PPA Program Stream - Full Application (PDF)

2020-2021 PPA Program Stream - Interim Application (PDF)

For application due dates, please reference the calendar listed here

Need help?
  • For Narrative and attachment questions, contact your regional PPA Partner.
  • For technical and login questions, contact DCED's customer service at: 800-379-7448. 

Appeals Process

PCA General Provisions (PDF)

PCA Additional Terms and Conditions (PDF)