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Appeals Process

Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA) recognizes that errors may occur in the PPA application process. PPA is committed to acknowledging any errors and responding to rectify the effects of an error. The appeals process enables applicants to identify these errors and omissions, and bring them to the attention of the Partner. Appeals to the Board of the designated Partner may result in an increase in the PPA award amount if the applicant can satisfactorily document that the application was misrepresented or improperly reviewed through no fault of the applicant. Appeals are awarded only if the error or omission had a substantial effect on the evaluation and assessment of the advisory panel.
Appeals are not intended to provide the applicant with an opportunity to challenge the evaluation and assessment of the advisory panel. Disagreement with the judgment of the advisory panel or the amount of the award is not grounds for an appeal.

Applicants considering an appeal should contact their Partner for advice and guidance. The appeal of an award decision must be made in writing ten business days from the date of the notification of the award from the Partner. Letters of appeal should be addressed to the Partner. The letter should identify the error or omission and the effect such error had on the recommendation of the advisory panel. Partners must immediately forward an appeal to the PCA's PPA Program Director. If the appeal is supported by the Partner, funds will be awarded only if they are available.