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Due Dates For Grants

Submit your grant application online via the Electronic Single Application (ESA) by the corresponding due date.

Contact your Program Director if you have questions.

Grant Program ​Application Due   ​Grant Award Agreement Due    ​Final Report Due
AOAP Group A #  ​1/16/2018 (Interim) TBD ​9/28/2018
AOAP Group B ##  1/16/2018 (Interim) ​TBD ​9/28/2018
ENTRY 1/16/2018 (Interim) ​TBD ​9/28/2018
PPA ​PROGRAM STREAM 1/16/2018 (Interim) TBD ​9/28/2018
PPA PROJECT STREAM ​6/20/2018 ​TBD ​9/28/2018
AIE RESIDENCIES​                                       TBD TBD​ ​TBD
AIE TAP & LTR ### 1/12/2018 10/19/18 7/31/19​
Preserving Diverse Cultures (PDC) Strategies for Success 3/30/2018 TBD ​9/28/2018
Preserving Diverse Cultures (PDC) Community-Based Engagement 4/6/2018 (Letter of Interest) TBD ​1/31/2019
Professional Development & Consulting (PD&C)​ More info >
Folk & Traditional Arts​ 4/17/18 ​10/01/2019

Key for above chart:

# - AOAP Group A - Art Museums, Arts in Education Organizations, Arts Service Organization, Dance, Folk and Traditional Arts, Literature and Theatre

## - AOAP Group B - Crafts, Local Arts, Media Arts (formerly Film and Electronic Media,) Music-All Disciplines, Presenting Organizations and Visual Arts

### Arts in Education (AIE)Teaching Artist Projects and Long Term Residencies