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Tom Corbett

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

Citizen Members

Susan Corbett Chair Pittsburgh
E. Jeanne Gleason ViceChair Johnstown

Laura E. Ellsworth, Esq.
William Lehr, Jr.
Jeffrey W. Gabel
Robert W. Pullo
Susan H. Goldberg
Marilyn J. Santarelli
Stephen J. Harmelin, Esq.
Lee Steadman
Gayle Isa
Paula A. Vitz
Red Lion
Justin Laing
James A. West, Jr.
Jen Holman Zaborney New Cumberland

Legislative Members

Senator Charles T. McIlhinney, Jr. Doylestown
Representative Brian Sims Philadelphia
Representative Tina Pickett Towanda
Senator Anthony H. Williams Philadelphia

The PCA is governed by a Council of 19 members - 15 private citizens and four members of the General Assembly. Citizen members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The Council sets the mission and goals for the agency, evaluates the PCA's progress toward these goals, formulates policy, and makes final decisions on the use of funds.

Citizen members serve without compensation. From these members, the Governor appoints the chairman and vice-chairman of the Council, who serve at his pleasure.

Citizen members are appointed to three-year terms and hold office until their successors have been appointed and confirmed. No member is eligible for reappointment during the one-year period following the expiration of his/her second successive term.

Two of the legislative members are appointed from the House of Representatives by the Speaker, and two from the Senate by the President Pro Tempore. Legislative members are selected equally from the major political parties. For the purposes of Act 538, such members of the legislature constitute a joint interim legislative committee on the arts, the Council and its appropriation.

Send all mail for Council members in care of
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts 216 Finance Building Harrisburg, PA 17120