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The Professional Development and Consulting (PD&C) funding opportunity is available to non-profit arts organizations/arts programs only. A limited pool of funds is available to address specific artistic, programmatic,  administrative  or technical needs. Funds are generally used to hire consultants to assess a specific issue and recommend  action. Additionally, the PCA offers funding for professional development opportunities,  such as conferences.  PCA also supports busing to arts events in Pennsylvania  only.

Unless otherwise indicated, Professional  Development requests of $2,000 or less may be completed on the PCA website and submitted at any time during the contract year (January 1 -December 31), although funds are less likely to be available  late in the PCA's funding year. Generally, the PCA will only fund to a maximum of $2,000 per year per organization. Applications  must be post-marked at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the project (consultation, conference  attendance, busing program,  etc.)


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    PD&C Consultations
    Organizations may request  up to $2, 000 to engage consultants to address the following:
    --Cultural, financial,  website or strategic planning.
    --Creating and improving the artistic quality of the documentation  for an organization (i.e. slides, audio, digital media, etc.)
    -- Mission, board, staff, or program development.
    --Audience development or marketing.
    -- Fundraising.
    -- Evaluating and planning to make facilities, programs and staff accessible  to individuals with disabilities.

    PD&C Development Opportunities
    Peer to Peer Consultations- Organizations may request up to $500 for peer to peer consultations per organizations.
    Travel to conferences,  seminars  and workshops- Organization  may request up to $500 per organization for registration  and travel fees for arts conferences, seminars and workshops.

    PD&C Busing
    The Busing Program  provides grants of up to $250 to assist groups attending arts events of artistic merit that might otherwise  be inaccessible  because  of transportation  problems. The program primarily serves groups living a distance from major Pennsylvania cities, inner-city audiences for whom public transportation is inadequate, and special groups (i.e. people with disabilities or the elderly) for whom transportation is a problem.
    The group must make its own provisions  for the purchase of tickets to the events. Trips to events outside of Pennsylvania will not be supported. In most cases, the group attending the arts event and not the arts organization attended should apply. If the group attending is not incorporated,  the organization  producing  the event may apply on their behalf, if a letter of intent from the attending group is enclosed.

    Complete this FINAL REPORT within 30 days of completing the PD&C project. Print and mail to Jewel Jones Fulp, PD&C Program Director.

    Questions? Contact Jewel Jones Fulp, PD&C Program Director: 717-525-5544