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PCA Long-Range Strategic Plan

The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts' Long-Range Strategic Plan is a set of goals, strategies and tactics of the PCA for a period of five years. Work on the 2012-2017 Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Strategic Plan began in 2011. At the Council�s request, the PCA staff and planning consultants began to accumulate and review information from many sources, including:

  • Information from a two-day planning retreat with PCA Council members and a two-day retreat with the PCA staff.
  • Documentation of special meetings with Arts in Education Partners (AIE), Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA), VSA/PA, and Folk Arts Infrastructure were included.
  • An assessment of the economic, social, political, and technological changes that may have an impact on the arts in Pennsylvania and the PCA.
  • Analysis of grant applications from the years 2009 and 2011.
  • Documentation from thirteen town meetings in sites across the Commonwealth.

The links below will take you to the documentation from the public meetings which demonstrated that each unique region shared commonalities across the state. At each the meeting the following question was posed to all participants: In the coming years, how can participation in and support for the arts be expanded in your area?

This 2012-2017 plan is evidence of PCA's serious committment to helping make the arts available to all Pennsylvanians. We have developed a plan that delivers support for access to the arts throughout the Commonwealth; continues to leverage our successful regional partnerships; supports the reorganization of PCA staff to maximize the efficiency of our internal operations; and develop our information services and website to be an interactive source of information sharing and community building.