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Black Lives Matter. We express our solidarity in this belief.

At the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, we are committing ourselves—as an agency that stands in the worlds of both government and the arts—to recognize our role and responsibility in addressing America's legacy of racism and discrimination against people of color, particularly the Black & Brown communities of this country.

The art world is a double-edged sword that carries with it both the historical legacy of inequity and privilege, while carrying in its sheath the empathy, unification, healing, and inspiration that creativity affords to all people and across all disciplines.

Using this knowledge as our North Star, and our strategic plan and cross-cutting value of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a roadmap, we move forward committed to doing more and to doing it better—standing up for and modeling equitable practices, creating opportunity for historically disadvantaged artists and arts groups, and helping to amplify the voices of those fighting for equity and justice.

Black Lives Matter. This we believe.