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Our Partners

The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA) maintains several partnership programs through which we ensure our programs and opportunities reach into communities throughout the commonwealth. 

Download or view the PCA's partnership regions map and contact information (PDF)

Arts in Education (AIE) Partnership

Through artist residencies, the PCA's AIE partnership enables artists to help others explore and develop their creativity and artistic skills in a variety of educational, community and institutional settings. 

Learn more about the PCA's AIE partnership and our related collaborations with fellow state agencies. 

Folk and Traditional Arts Infrastructure

The goals of the PCA's Folk and Traditional Arts partnership are to investigate, document, present, sustain, and promote the folk and traditional art of Pennsylvania in order to celebrate our diverse heritage. This system of local and regional organizations forms a mutually supportive network and specializes in, or includes, a focus on folk and traditional arts. Current partnership organizations collectively serve 40 counties by promoting the creation and documentation of folk art; engaging the public in understanding the quality, breadth, and diversity of folk and traditional arts across the state; conducting critical discovery fieldwork in under-represented communities; and providing technical assistance for folk and traditional artists through workshops and gatherings.

Learn more about our Folk and Traditional Arts partnership and the opportunities they provide.

Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA)

Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA) is a partnership between local organizations and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA). Operating in all 67 Pennsylvania counties, PPA re-grants PCA funds to support a wide variety of local and community arts activities.

Learn more about the programs administered by our PPA partners: