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​PCA Electronic Single Application (ESA)

About ESA

The Electronic Single Application (ESA) is a convenient, web-based system for use by PA Council on the Arts (PCA) grants applicants. You must first successfully register for an ESA account in order to apply for funding via ESA. Once you have an account, the ESA site will help you navigate the application process for the funding program of your choice and allow you to submit all components online.

How to Prepare to Apply for Funding Using ESA

  • First, thoroughly review the guidelines for the PCA funding program to which you would like to apply, including program objectives, eligibility requirements, evaluation criteria, and the due date. 
  • Next, check your browser compatibility. ESA works with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. It is recommended that you use the latest version of these browsers.
  • Lastly, be prepared to complete and submit your application, in its entirety, by the program application deadline.

The ESA Site
Access the ESA site here.

If you need help with ESA

If you need help accessing or are experiencing issues within ESA, please contact the Customer Service Center:
1-833-448-0647 or

If you have questions about PCA grant programs, including details pertaining to the application process, contact the appropriate member of the PCA staff