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Entry Track

Entry track is the point of entry for organizations or programs to the Arts Organizations and Arts Programs (AOAP) track. Entry track supports eligible arts organizations and arts programs that have a history of at least one year of consistent arts/cultural programming.

For current grantees: download the Reimbursement Request and Final Report template here.

Applicant Eligibility

In general:

  • Must be nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation, a unit of government, or school district, providing arts programming and/or arts services in Pennsylvania;
  • Organizations are required to provide proof of incorporation and activity in Pennsylvania before applications are reviewed or funds awarded;
  • Must have at least one year of consistent arts programming;
  • Must have an average fiscal size more than $200,000.

How to Apply
2021-2022 Entry Track Application Guidelines (PDF)

Step 1.  Read the application guidelines in their entirety. For due date information, please reference the due dates calendar

Step 2.  Data collection - PCA financial and activity report
The PCA Financial & Activity Report is used to collect your financial and selected non-financial information for the last two years. This form is available for download in the Electronic Single Application (ESA) and must be completed with the most up-to-date information possible. When finished you will need to upload it as an ATTACHMENT in ESA.  

Step 3.  Register and apply through ESA - 

Step 4.  Submit online by the listed due date
No hard copies are required. 

Need help?
  • For technical and login questions, contact the PA Department of Community and Economic Development's (DCED) customer service at: 800-379-7448.
  • For narrative and attachment questions, contact the PCA's Director of Creative Opportunities.

PCA Funding Restrictions

The PCA does not fund the following, nor can the match for PCA funds be used for these expenses:

  • Capital expenditures, including equipment costing $500 per item or more.
  • Activities for which academic credit is given.
  • Activities that have already been completed.
  • Activities that have a religious purpose.
  • Performances and exhibitions not available to the general public.
  • Performances and exhibitions outside Pennsylvania.
  • Cash prizes and awards.
  • Benefit activities.
  • Hospitality expenses -- i.e. receptions, parties, gallery openings.
  • Payments to lobbyists.
  • Competitions.

Appeals Process

Appeals Process